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World's Lightest Portable Camping Grill
That fits in an A4 envelope
Great Things Come Light
Weighing less than two cans of beer, it’s so easy for you to bring the convenience and functionality for camping, picnicking, and cooking outdoors.
Don’t be fooled by its compact size and lightweight design, the Pacofire Portable Camping Grill packs a powerful punch to take your camp meals to the next level.
Lightweight: less than 1 lb (500g)
Wind Resistant
Grills For Two
Sets up in seconds
Lasts for decades
Some Things Will Always Find A Place In Your Pack, Pacofire Is One Of Them
When going on nature trips, you don't have to compromise on convenience or delicious meals. Packing cookware for your travels can be a chore, sometimes you even have to battle the forces of nature just to cook and enjoy a decent meal.

With Pacofire, you'll be able to experience the world lighter, more hassle-free, and enjoy outdoor cooking like never before.
Weighs Less Than a Can of Beer
Literally take some weight off your shoulders with a grill that’s made of food grade Titanium and weighs less than a pound (500 grams).Lighter cookware means a lighter load on your back so you can enjoy the scenery more.

Pacofire is so light that you won't even notice carrying it. Your whole outdoor experience literally becomes lighter, from exploring to cooking, to enjoying better meals.
Folds Into An A4 Envelope, As If It Isn’t There
A trip to nature doesn't have to involve bulky cookware, it can be just made of four parts, be lightweight, and convenient.

Your Pacofire just folds out and folds into an A4 envelope in seconds, thanks to the unique craftsmanship  (1.5mm each part, 1 cm thickness when together). Now you can cook your meals anywhere with ease.
Wind-Resistant, No Matter What Blows Your Way
There's no denying that wind can be a major meal-killer, no matter where you are camping. This is why Pacofire comes with windshields along the sides to protect the burner so you get consistent fire to cook your food efficiently and evenly, even when it’s windy outside,Now you can keep the fire burning because wind isn't an issue.
Designed To Endure Nature
The sleek design that balances simplicity and functionality makes the walls of the stove stand stable so that you can put up to 7.5  kilograms of weight on top of it.

Made of Titanium, one of the most durable metals, a Pacofire is easy to warm, cool, clean and can last you 20, 30 and even 50 years.
Go Out in Nature With a Grill As Lit As The Scenery
Best For Solo Backpackers
Weighing less than two cans of beer, it’s so easy for you to bring the convenience and functionality for camping, picnicking, and cooking outdoors.
Cooks For Two & A Small Group
Grilled burgers or chicken for two? How about campfire potatoes or s’mores for small groups? Cooking meals outdoors can be fun whether you’re camping, tailgating or enjoying a small backyard activity.
Better & Healthier Outdoor Meals
You can also cook and eat healthier with food-grade titanium, since it doesn't oxidize and will not affect the natural taste of your food. Titanium also contains natural inhibitors that keep harmful bacteria at bay.
Safe To Use In Any Park
In parks where open fires are forbidden because of fire risks, having a Pacofire in your pack lets you make an enclosed fire and keep everything safe.
  • Made of food grade Titanium or Stainless Steel.
  • The lightest grill weighing 500 grams (titanium option).
  • 1.5 kg (stainless steel option).
  • Cools down in about 5 minutes.
  • Dimension: 204mm x  204mm
  • Supports up to: 7.5kg
  • Life span: 50 years or longer if used properly.
  • Each part thickness: 1.5 mm
  • Grill surface dimension: 204mm x 204mm
Your Fiery Options
Get your Pacofire in Titanium Space Grey or Stainless Steel.